Michael Jones started making music as a teenager after taking inspiration from rock-n-roll icons such as Tim Mcilrath and Fat Mike.  Throughout high school this hobby quickly grew into an obsession as he joined into bands, and started recording his own sound. After producing his first two albums with his small-town punk rock bands, Michael wanted to learn more about the science of the music he was creating.



After high school he enrolled to Bowling Green State University where he earned a Bachelors, majoring in Media Production with a minor in Recording Technology. During his college years, he met Mark and the two of them started building home studios that would plant the seed for what would become Bike Rack Records. With a sharpened set of skills and diverse background in music, Michael is dedicated to crafting a quality product and aspires to continue growing as a musical engineer.

Mark Miller is a mid-west born Hip Hop artist who has been writing and performing music for over a decade. Having grown up in his father’s studio, Mark developed an early love for music and the creative process. Inspired by friends in the local music scene, he started creating original content and joined the local circuit. Working alongside fellow musicians, Mark recorded and mixed his first record as a solo artist.


While performing for the album release, he caught the attention of Michael and within a year the two had conceptualized Bike Rack Records. Building on a foundation of recording knowledge, Mark aims to consistently improve his product with the techniques learned from making his own music and the guidance of his partner. His love of music and eagerness to learn a refined sound are catalysts for his desire to perfect his craft