Audio Production

Our studio is fully equipped to accommodate any and all recording, mixing, and mastering needs to help you make your artistic vision a reality. Featuring a range of instruments on hand and an extensive suite of digital plugins, our studio aims to be the ultimate one stop shop for everything audio. Additionally, we offer services in making beats in coordination with the artists. We strive to create a comfortable and artistic environment where musicians can connect and create to produce the best possible version of their music.

Graphic Design

We offer graphic design work such as the production of album art or covers, promotional art, etc. in relation to musical projects, as well graphic art for any external enterprises. Whether you're bringing an idea to us for creation, or seeking unique and original art, consult with us and we'll offer several concepts to consider.


Audio Restoration

In addition to production, the studio has capabilities in restoring audio that may have degraded from time or possibly was recorded with extra noise, etc. We have a suite of correctional restoration tools that can clean up your audio and improve the listening experience wherever possible.


- Instruments on Hand -

Hummingbird Pro Electric/Acoustic Guitar

Les Paul Electric Guitar

SG Pro Electric Guitar

Thunderbird Bass Guitar

Custom Built Epiphone Bass Guitar

Washburn X-Series Electric Guitar

Applause Ovation Acoustic Guitar

Alesis DM10 Electronic Drum Kit

Lanikai Tenor Ukulele